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August 25, 2016

Things To Do About Email Verification

Email verification is all about making sure email addresses are still valid. It is easy to understand if you are an email marketer that it is a waste of time and money if you are sending email to addresses that aren’t working. Because of this, the email verification process is very important. There are two forms of verification.

Pre-emptive verification involves checking the addresses to make sure they are correct before putting them in the system that stores email addresses. To make sure that the email addresses of both staff members and customers are correct, management can use email verification to double check this information.

When you are making sure that current email addresses in your system are still functioning, this would be called retrospective verification. Without sending any mails, this process would identity non existing email accounts through third party processors and other kinds of technology.
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Email verification advantages:
Marketing strategies should be researched on to make sure that it will be effective in the long run. If you practice email verification, you can improve your email marketing strategy. You can reap these benefits if you check and make sure email addresses that you have are correct before sending out any emails.
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Save money on email delivery fees by making sure your addresses are all valid resulting to a smaller list size. You won’t be paying extra fees for sending mails to inactive email addresses.

You could experience issues with email service providers regarding emails that bounce but with the verification process, you will lessen these problems. Email providers will often have limits when it comes to bounced emails and once you reach the limit, your account become suspended especially if you are still new.

After you have checked to make sure of the validity of your email addresses, you will be able to enhance your deliverability. As your unknown or expired users increase, your emails could get degraded by your Internet Service Provider. Enhance your sender reputation score by using the email verification process to get a clean email sending list.

Email verification can assist you in keeping clear off spam traps. Internet Service Providers usually utilized these expire email accounts to trap spam and you could easily be blacklisted if you are still retaining those addresses in your list. The right verification can prevent you from going through this kind of trouble.

When you use relevant and innovative technology to clean up your list, you can enjoy benefits of email verification. So that you will get the best results with the verification process, get the best kind of tool to help you. The tool that can best give you the results you want, will probably be the best one for your business.